YOUTH is a leading international model agency, present in Brazil in São Paulo and in Europe in Milan, located in one of the liveliest areas of the city; the agency specializes in the management of models/professionals, as well as selecting new faces and talents; it aims to develop the careers of models from an early age, in order to build together and accompany in their personal and professional growth the models of the future. The YOUTH philosophy is characterized by a vision and a logic projected into the future, with cutting-edge ideas and winning innovations.

Create a network of young models of the future. To offer real opportunities for professional growth in the fashion industry.

To expand the YOUTH philosophy in the main international fashion capitals.

To create a new format that goes beyond the concept of an agency: a format that manages to create strong empathy with its audience, giving opportunities and support to young models and talents in the world and telling their trajectory in the fashion industry in one of the most incredible and controversial moments of the path of a human being, youth.

Transmitting values of inclusivity, equality and respect through social activities and initiatives (without political goals or interests) to eliminate all forms of inequality